Did you know the Band-Aid is one hundred years old in 2021? Business Insider states that one of Band-Aid's major uses is not to cover wounds or scrapes, blisters or burns, cuts or punctures. One of its major uses is to heal emotions, not the wounds. Children get Band-Aids after vaccinations, or as treats, because it makes the shot hurt less emotionally. One doctor of pediatrics at a major medical center said that she was constantly amazed, after giving an injection that, when she put the Band-Aid on, the crying stopped.

You know, we can do that too, and far better than any Band-Aid. Because through our hugs, our prayers, and our help in times of need, it's not really us doing the mending -- it's God. And where God heals us, we will never break there again.

In the New Testament, the letter of James urges Christ-followers to be "doers of the Word, and not hearers only" (James 1:22). James knew that once hearers become doers, they begin to demonstrate the experience of heaven here on earth. Those receiving our hugs, prayers, or acts of kindness will begin to hear the strains of heavenly melodies through our actions which represent God to them.

There is a new label being attached to people these days; they're called "had-to" people. When asked why they tried something unusual, something difficult or challenging, they can only respond, "Had-to." The whole thrust of the letter of James is to enable the church to produce "Had-To Christians."

"Why are you volunteering to clean up this vacant lot?" "Had-to." "Why are you taking time off from work to read to children at that elementary school?" "Had-to."  "Your neighbor with Alzheimer's doesn't even know you're there. Why do you bother to spend so much time with him?" "Had-to." "Don't you realize how much it costs to provide food for the birds all winter?" "Had-to." "I can't believe you would be so kind to those people after they tried to undercut you like that at work." "Had-to." "Why do you smile or say something nice to everyone you meet?" "Had-to." "You never seem to waste an opportunity to tell someone about Christ, do you?" "Had-to."

Do you want to do something that brings a little bit of heaven to earth? You know how to do that. Be the Band-Aid. Be a "Had-To" Christian.


In the name of the One who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
Bruce Jones, Pastor and Co-Creator,
Imagine Church of the Carolinas


Had-To Christians

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