Have you ever wondered how God works in a human life? I suppose there are many ways (after all, He's God), but it has been my observation and experience that the primary tool that God uses to accomplish His purpose in our lives is truth. You will hear politicians quote this verse a lot, even though they don't always follow it. But in John 8:32, Jesus said, "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Do you know what that verse really means? If you're going to be free from bondage (emotionally, morally, relationally, whatever you're dealing with), truth is the trigger that is going to see you free.

Whatever else God wants to do in your life and mine, God will be constantly reminding us of the truth. God will bring truth to bear on our situation -- and it will begin to expose the lies that we have been believing about life. You see, God is in the truth business. Many people see a message on a billboard or hear something on the car radio and wonder, "Is that God speaking to me?" But if you really want to hear the voice of God's Holy Spirit, it doesn't usually come from all that weird kind of stuff. The best thing you can do, if you want to hear God speak to you, is to learn to discover the truth and the values found in the Bible.

In John 17:17, Jesus was praying for his disciples, and he said to his heavenly Father, "Sanctify them in truth, for your Word is truth." This is the lifestyle to which God wants to lead us. We don't have to look at the clouds, or billboards, or listen to words on the radio; we just have to learn the Bible if we want to hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit -- because God's Word is truth.


In the name of the One who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
Bruce Jones, Pastor and Co-Creator,
Imagine Church of the Carolinas


It’s Truth That Sets Us Free

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