I don't think we clap enough for those who show us what's worth fighting for in life. We are privileged to have people like that in the Imagine Church family. We are honored to be able to celebrate their strength with them.

I have on my heart most everyday those in our church family who are fighting battles for a quality of life. Some have cancer. Some have painful elements that rob life of happiness, contentment, or mobility. Some are struggling with battles of depression. Some are heartbroken from grief. Some are wounded from personal tragedy in their families. We know about the battles of some. Their names are printed each week in our newsletter. Their fight is personal, but not private. The struggles of others, by necessity, are both personal and private. They most often suffer silently with only a few trusted persons sharing the ups and downs of their daily journey.

Yet these folks have one thing in common: no day can be taken for granted. They plan for the day, not tomorrow. To make the best of each day or hour or minute is the key to making it. There are no easy days; some are just not as bad as others.

In my mind, these are the heroes among us. Because they are surviving against difficult odds. They are climbing the mountain without any assurance of ever reaching the top. They often feel like giving up, but they do not. They are settling for less than they wanted in life but are seeking the best of what they've got. That makes them "more than conquerors." And everyone of them deserves a standing ovation.

We draw such strength from these individuals who are within our very midst. And I, and we, express gratitude for the inspiration and example they provide us all.



In the name of the One who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
Bruce Jones, Pastor and Co-Creator,
Imagine Church of the Carolinas

More Than Conquerors

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