November 27, 2023

Good morning, My Cherished Friends, It has been said that Plato established the best pre-Christian argument for life after death.  Many believe that his faith

November 20, 2023

Hello, Cherished Friends, A century ago, when Billy Sunday was at the height of his fame as a traveling evangelist, someone asked him if he thought

November 13, 2023

Good morning, My Dear Friends, In a more peaceful time, friends who have visited the Holy Land would always talk about spending time around the old

November 6, 2023

Good morning, Dearest Friends, You may have heard the story of a country lawyer in Louisiana who was asked by the government to certify the

October 30, 2023

Good morning, Dear Friends and Church Family, When you read the book of Acts in the New Testament and study the letters of the apostle

October 23, 2023

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have read that pilots of those early transpacific airlines had a red line on their charts called,