September 4, 2023

Good Monday Morning, Dear Friends, I suffered a birthday last week. At my age they come around all too frequently, it seems. I tell people

August 28, 2023

Good Morning, Cherished Friends,  Among the letters of the apostle Paul that have been preserved for us in the New Testament is one labeled Ephesians. 

August 21, 2023

Good morning, Imagine Church Family and Friends, The wisest person who ever lived (besides Jesus) was named Solomon. The third king of Israel, he was David’s

August 14, 2023

Good Monday Morning, Dear Friends, In the three hundred years following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, we know that Christianity grew at an incredible rate.  What

August 6, 2023

Good Monday Morning, My Dear Friends, One of the worst things that can be said to someone who is facing illness or adversity is to

July 31, 2023

 Good morning, My Dear Friends,   As we have grasped the idea that the church is the body of Christ, Imagine Church has discovered something