Imagine Kids


Gregory Roberts leads our Imagine Kids program. From birth through elementary school, Imagine Kids are immersed in the engaging Orange curriculum with monthly themes based on core values such as patience and honesty. The themes come to life through weekly Bible stories and each month brings a new Bible verse to memorize.

Our worship service begins with adults and children in the chapel together for singing and prayer to help usher us into the presence of God.  While adults stay in the chapel for the sermon, our Imagine Kids (babies through 5th grade) move to their respective classrooms for their own fun and learning.

Preschool (Babies to Pre-Kindergarten)

Preschool is separated in to two groups — babies to toddlers and 3 years to pre-Kindergarten. Every week, we use repetition through a short video, games/activities, and crafts to teach simple concepts that preschoolers can easily grasp. We want children to understand the basics like God loves us without condition, and He wants us to love others the same way. Our preschool teachers introduce the Bible by consistently referencing and using a Bible during lessons.

Elementary (Kindergarten to Fifth Grade)

Elementary is also separated in to two groups — Kindergarten to 2nd grade and 3rd grade to 5th grade. The elementary school children learn through a variety of media, including videos, games, and hands-on activities. Their memory verses are typically longer and more complex than in preschool. Also at this age, Imagine Church gives a Bible to each child as we teach children how to use Bibles on their own.

Parent Resources

The Orange curriculum provides a great, free resource in the form of their Parent Cue app. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices and can be found by searching for “Parent Cue” in the app store. For more information on the app, visit

Safety Measures

We have several safety measures in place to protect our children.

◘  All children’s staff and volunteers are required to pass a background check prior to serving.

◘ Teachers are connected by two-way radio to an on-duty member of our church security team.

◘ Classroom doors are locked to the outside when children are in class.

◘ Our class areas are structured so that at least two teachers are within hearing range of each other at all times.

◘ Our Sunday School teacher:student staffing ratios meet (and, in most areas, exceed) North Carolina child care licensure standards.