October 9, 2023

Good Monday Morning, Cherished Friends, I once heard a story about a man who got a second notice from the Internal Revenue Service.  The notice

October 2, 2023

Dear Imagine Church Family and Friends, Some of you may remember the name of Robert Ingersoll. A hundred years ago, he created a great sensation

September 25, 2023

Hello, Cherished Friends and Church Family, There is a fascinating and unusual passage of Scripture found in the gospel of John, chapter 6.  Jesus began to

September 18, 2023

Good morning, church family and friends, One Christmas morning when I was serving a church in Gastonia, the phone rang. We had just opened presents

September 11, 2023

Good morning, Dearest Friends, We will never forget the events of that clear Tuesday morning twenty-two years ago today, the day that terrorists launched the

September 4, 2023

Good Monday Morning, Dear Friends, I suffered a birthday last week. At my age they come around all too frequently, it seems. I tell people