March 11, 2024

March 11, 2024

Happy Monday Morning, Dear Friends,

I heard somewhere about a college president who received some “non-negotiable” demands from a student group. So, here is the letter the college president wrote them back.

Dear Students:

We note your threat to take action if your demands are not met. I feel it is only sporting to tell you that on our Board of Trustees are war veterans with the following experience: an expert in chemical warfare, two commandos skilled in the use of dynamite and interrogating prisoners, four expert riflemen, two artillery-men (one holds the purple heart), two karate experts, and a military chaplain. The Board has authorized me to tell you that we look forward with anticipation to what you call a “confrontation.” Yours sincerely.

It’s not difficult to figure out the source of that college president’s confidence. When that which stands behind you is bigger than that which confronts you, there is no reason to be afraid.

I remember the night of September 11, 2001. I lay in bed that night and wondered what was going to happen to this world because of the terrorists. But then this thought occurred to me: you know, God managed this planet when Alexander the Great marched from Greece to Babylon, when the Roman Empire held the world without opposition, when Hitler scared Europe half out of its mind. I thought about how God put Jesus in this world and promised that His kingdom would have no end, and it hasn’t. So, I said to myself, “To heck with the terrorists,” and turned over and went to sleep.

It’s easy to live with confidence when you believe that way.

God’s presence gives us confidence,

Bruce Jones,

Pastor Imagine Church

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